Friday, March 16, 2012

A Friday Letter.


Dear Fridays in general,
Fridays this term have been tough. Weekly quizzes for Math are on Fridays, Tutoring class at 3 p.m. on Fridays, and Screenwriting homework is always due at 5 p.m. on Fridays. Today I am handing in a revised Act I of my screenplay. But here we are at the last Friday of the term... and it is surprisingly bittersweet! No class on Friday's next term, I hope that's as fun as it sounds! Speaking of Math...

Dear Mathematics,
You aren't so bad! I'm going to finish with an A in Geometry and it may be one of the most wonderful accomplishments that I've had yet...

Dear Oregon,
I was telling Jeff that if I had rain boots, I probably would have worn them every day but maybe 5 days the two and a half months we've lived here. Granted that winter's in the northwest are rather wet, I still rest my case. I need rain boots! And conveniently want some, too.

Dear Jeff,
I am learning that the Draw Something app is quite popular and that more people than just you are addicted to it. I'll try not to get so offended when you try and play under the table at dinnertime. (Just kidding) PS- Can't wait for Spring Break!

Dear Boise,
I can't wait to savour your Thai cuisine once again. And friends in Boise, can't wait to see you!

Dear Idaho Falls,
What is it about you that I hold so dear? Oh yeah, my childhood memories and my family is located there! So excited to visit HOME!

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  1. Molly I like this Friday letter post!! Hahah I love the way you write, it is awesome that you are studying that! And YES lets do think of outrageous scenarios together hahahaha. Cory looks at me funny when I say things like that too. Ahh I wish we lived in Oregon.