Friday, September 14, 2012

Brotherly Timeline.

I was unaware that my five older brothers were swimming in our pool in Las Vegas doing celebratory canon balls at my arrival

They were sure it was broken. My brothers said a prayer at home and my arm was healed before the hour long drive to the hospital

I didn't miss mom and dad as much when Clayton would let me jump on his bed and and dance to Louie Armstrong while eating popsicles

Tyler taught me a few rad tricks and we put on a magic show: Malony the Great

The excitement of the millennium wore Henry and I out so much we fell asleep before the ball dropped

I open my purse to pay for my things and the store clerk sees Joey's senior picture and asks if it's my boyfriend. I blush

Bad hair cut. Chris tries to cheer me up by hesitantly saying a girl's hair wasn't everything. But I knew he was lying and I cried

Starting high school in a town I knew my brother's legacies still lived in. I was different

One more year until graduation. I looked forward to getting a Marmot sleeping bag that doubled as ceremoniously becoming "one of the older kids"

Braces again. Now Henry and I look even more like twins: I couldn't be more proud

Wedding number four: Kyle this time. I knew I'd be next, and dreamed about when that day would come

All of us at the cabin on Christmas Day, laughing and crying as we open the handmade gifts we made for one another

At my wedding dinner: I weep endlessly as they all take the time over the open mic to tell me how much they love me and are grateful for the man I found to take care of me

We're spread out over five different states, but they are still my best friends in the whole world

disclaimer: i don't know if my brother's were doing canon balls when i was born. but we had a pool, lived in LV, so why not?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

the life of the student.

Writing lists that desperately need to be crossed off; grabbing warm papers from the printer and running to class; leaving the house without a jacket and regretting it as soon as it's too late to turn back; getting to know people you learn to call your close fiends; going to sleep in the cool mountain air; waking up chilly while the rest of the world is asleep; looking out the window wondering what the day holds; dancing in the tiny apartment; looking forward to the weekend like nobody's business; new glasses; weekend trips home; nights out with friends; snacking; lectures you can't write fast enough for; going to bed early; bike rides through campus;  completing assignments that once seemed impossible; daydreaming: is there really life after school? In the meantime, this gig isn't so bad.