Friday, February 17, 2012

My Husband is a Chef.

It's Friday night.

I took a bubble bath and washed my hands clean of the worries of the week.

Jeff is cutting onions with ski goggles because we are tired of stinging eyes at dinnertime.

Tomorrow I get to prepare my first ever Relief Society Lesson.

Tonight we are going to play Scrabble, just the two of us
and no one can make fun of our lack of clever words.

Sunday we get to make dinner for the missionaries, and we're stoked!

I dragged Jeff to go get hot chocolate with me on campus and it was closed.
We skipped all the way home.

Sweet shirt J!

Red potato curry.
Who needs Indian Food restaurants when
A) Jeff can modify a Nepalese dish based off of whatever
we have in the kitchen
B) There are like 1,000,000 Mexican & Chinese restaurants in town
(Okay B isn't really relevant but it's true. In the near future we are
hoping to hit up Cinco de Mayo and Moy's Dynasty.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Force.

It happens every semester, or now in my case every trimester, right about the middle. The halfway point, when I can see the end is near but can't quite reach it.

Something happens.

Whatever it is, its goal and only purpose is to keep me from doing my homework. It keeps me in bed even after plenty of sleep. It's a heavy weight against all the important things and myself. I.e. research papers, poetry explications, working on my screenplay, and yes all of the housework which of course has last priority.

This force is so strange because I'm excited for next term, Jeffrey and I just registered. I'm excited for a new schedule and a new change, but hooooold up, I need to prove I can do this one first! I need to finish what I have started.

In a few short weeks I will look back and laugh at this post. Thus why I even decided to write it in the first place. Resistance. I am acknowledging that what I am doing right now, writing a blog post instead of a research paper or reading more poetry about gender, is because I am resisting doing that which needs to take precedence over all, homework.

Now that I am no longer in denial, that I have come to terms, I have set myself up to finally get it done!

....I hope

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey Folks.

Jeff and I are pretty excited about our new blog, to say the least. As he is studying Digital Design/Film and I Writing, this is going to be a fun place for experiments and projects. So bare with us.

We also wanted to tell you all we have a Wedding tab on our "pages" if you look ^^^^. Check it out for some great pictures, it was a lovely day!

There will be many more fun tabs to come, can't wait!


Jeff & Moll