Friday, July 20, 2012

People Are Good.

It was Anne Frank who said, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart."

Yesterday evening I was going through an area I had already knocked, making sure to talk to the people that weren't home earlier in the day. As I was passing homes and noting which ones I needed to stop at, I passed one in particular that I made a note that symboled I had already talked to someone there, and that they weren't interested. The old man was sitting outside, and though I didn't remember what he said, I remembered he wasn't very nice, so I tried to shuffle by in hopes that I didn't anger him again.

On my way walking back to the car I was on the phone with Jeff and the same old man was still sitting outside, but got up and flagged me down. I was a little nervous as he approached me, and very seriously asked me if I was the same girl who stopped at his door the other day asking if he was interested in our pest control service.

"Yes, that was me," I replied. Did he wait there for me to come back? I couldn't help but wonder.

"Well I was very hasty when you came to the door the first time, and I wanted to apologize."

"Oh, it's okay! I understand," I tried to say with a nervous smile. My feelings get hurt so easily, I was almost embarrassed that I even remembered him. I was taken by complete surprise, I thought he was going to yell at me for wandering around his neighborhood.

"No, it's not okay," he replied. "You are a lady and I need to act like a gentlemen."

Then he proceeded to ask me how much it cost, and more about our service. After I told him, he pointed to his pockets and told me once he got a few more shekels in his pocket, he would like to give me a call. I also learned he is 91 years old, living on social security from 1984. Nonetheless, it wouldn't be likely that he would have more shekels in his pocket anytime soon, but he genuinely wanted the service, and wanted to keep us in mind.

Whether he does or does not even give me a call back, I appreciate that he went out of his way for an apology, and it sincerely warmed my heart. Sometimes I joke that I have a place for every single person, stranger or not, in my heart. My heart swells in sadness, and happiness for every situation I encounter. While I run into a lot of people who are frustrated that I interrupted their day, (which I really cam't blame them) I also find people that are genuinely so thankful that I stopped by and can help them with their pest problems.

Last night especially, I needed to be reminded that I can't judge someone solely by the way they react when I knock on their door. This dear old man in particular is a good person, and I'm glad I had the chance to change my mind about him.

So that is why we are told not to hold grudges.

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  1. This was beautiful. It definitely restores faith in humanity :-)

    We all need a second chance sometimes.