Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why I'm Thankful

The 2013 Eastern Oregon Film Festival and getting to see the LAIKA animation presentation

Kingsley letting me hold him like a baby 

The weird positions he sleeps in. I'm pretty sure that here he was having one of those dreams where he was gripping the edge of a cliff..

Keeping me grounded

He goes CRAZY for greens. If I'm not watching closely enough, sometimes he will full on jump in the fridge when I open it and attack the celery with his whole soul

Helping Kingsley face his fears and get a little scrub in the scary water

It's finals week around here. They have been very good to me. I'm not tired, I'm not stressed, and I am very grateful for that after a challenging trimester of school. Jeff has been doing well too, though he may be up all night working on his stop-motion animation. I will probably wake up periodically and make him snacks; just kidding. 

Today was one of those relaxing recharge kind of days. It has rained a lot, and Jeff and I got to work together and get grown up stuff done. We are setting up a savings plan for the rest of school. This means no spending extra money on anything besides essentials. Sometimes that is kind of tough when we live in a world full of Etsy and blogs dedicated to hand picking every piece of perfect clothing and themed home decor. And we have somehow been conditioned to do to things right now! If we see something we both really like, there is pretty much no talking us out of it. We have some discipline to catch up on. I look forward to the day when I can thrift and sew fun clothing outfits, and go on hunts for pretty pieces for our home, and buy new furniture, but for now I've got to focus on finishing school, and that's okay. And if that day never comes, that's okay, too. Because quite frankly I'm happy as can be in my unstylishly-mismatched home. :) 


  1. I feel you Molly-it is so important to be thank ful for what we do have!!As new home owners, it has been so hard to prioritize where our money goes (it does help that we don't have that much!)and Matt and I have had to work really hard to make decisions. We are going to have to wait on a LOT of things- and clothes and deco are at the bottom of the list when your roof is leaking and you have almost an acre of land you want to fence, etc. etc. Sounds like you guys are making it work though. We have our whole lives! We can wait a little :)

  2. Aw that cat is so cute! :)

  3. what?! no! I need this cat in my life!!! Molly, I just saw your comment on my blog and I am so excited for you! Crazy that we're both 16 weeks. I love it! It really is such a different awesome experience. I'm so happy for you and I'm so glad that I know your blog now so I can get a little more in tune with what's happening with you. It's been way too long.