Friday, April 5, 2013

adiós invierno


i will stuff a small rag of
its sky into my pocket forever
--Larry Levis

I know I am among the few who feel this way about winter. Don't get me wrong, I am welcoming spring and the much missed sunshine with open arms, but I haven't been wishing winter away. (After all, I AM an Idahoan) It's not because I take advantage of the winter months and fill them with endless cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities, though I certainly wish I made more time for that. I love wearing warm clothes, drinking hot chocolate and chai, and the big Christmas break that always means time with family. I am head over heels in love with the change of seasons altogether, and I feel so grateful to watch the earth and its never-ending change. I am a bit of an introvert all year round, and the summer and I just don't mesh as much. Though I plan on us becoming better acquainted the day I figure out the right clothes to wear when its hot, and when I live near the ocean and have regular bon fires and walks along the coast. ;)

For this reason and many others, Jeff and I have been pretty hyped lately about the talk of possibly living in Portland for his work. It's easy to feel incredibly small and swallowed up when we talk about the endless directions life could go after graduation, but lately, thoughts of Portland have made our hearts especially calm and happy.

skiing with some of my family Christmas 2012

the first snowfall the season-- always so exciting!

the first day of winter term Jan 6, 2013

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