Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I do not want to do homework. I want to dream of the weekend, DIY projects for my future home, plants I want to buy and display, pumpkins on my porch, starting a family, and so much more. There's something about looking out the window and seeing colorful trees, beautiful mountains, the sun shining, all while the apartment is the perfect temperature. Moments like these make life sweet and are irreplaceable. You can't necessarily plan them, or tell how long they will last, all you can do is embrace and enjoy them. (Though you can always count your blessings)

It makes sense that all of life can't be this way. It makes sense that we have to have ups and downs in order to tell the difference between the two. I think the trick is knowing when to take hold of a moment and turn it into a happy one, because sometimes try as I may, I can't make myself feel cheerful.

Which brings me to the kind of opposite subject: gloomy days. It's okay not to be happy all the time. I was always one of those people who only felt worse when someone told me to smile and just be happy, or not worry. Oooh it could make my blood boil. While I know they mean well, it is not always well received. If I am down, it always means the most to do things like write in my journal, call a family member, or talk to Jeff. All these things help to put life in perspective for me and are things I appreciate very much.

Don't get down if you don't have the urge to click your heels after every single day, but rather find things you look forward to. Take a trip to the local library and pick out a colorful book, choose a movie/television series you can look forward to every week, make a special trip to the grocery store for a treat, try a new recipe, or see how much cleaning done you can get done in 5 minutes. You'd be surprised...

Whatever the case, know that you are loved. At least by me. (insert a picture of a pretty red heart)

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