Monday, October 15, 2012

What's important changes when J is ruthlessly sketching and cutting away in hopes to finish an art project that is due in just minutes time. I can no longer tell him about the things that happened so far in my day, because they pale in comparison. i.e: the bugs that kept hitting my face on my walk to school, the girl in Lit. class who was picking her ears and eating it (what????!), and, "Does my ponytail look ok?" or "do these jeans make me look fat?" So I sit quietly reading in my office and peek at him wishing there was something I can do, but really can't, because he doesn't even have time for me to dip this delicious parmesan garlic & herb pita chip in hummus and put it directly in his mouth. Chewing is of least importance and the crumbs can jeopardize the quality of the art. And then I notice he is whistling to the reggae song as he works away and I suddenly realize that even now, even though there is good reason to lose it and get frustrated, he is still calm.

So I step outside of me and observe my pita chip eating self, reading an article about the zillions of ways people make grammar mistakes, and wish I could be more like him. But we all know I can't, so I look up and say, "Thank you for J," then try to act like him, like I'm keeping my cool for just a few moments, until I run off to class and more bugs start flying in my face.

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