Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Matters of Non-Business.

I feel that an obligatory post is in order regarding two things: Christmas and Kingsley.

First thing's first, I am always amazed at the way the Christmas Season makes me feel each and every year. I don't feel overwhelmed by all the presents I have to buy, rather overwhelmed at how many I want to buy for people and cannot afford to do so. One of the ways I show love to others is through giving gifts. I know this because it truly fills my heart when I can surprise someone with something. I hope that if my budget ever does allow more presents to be bought, that I continue to feel excitement giving gifts and not overwhelmed.

A whole month off of school is a dream. Since Jeff and I have campus jobs, we truly get to kick back and relax during the holidays. We are able to spend time with my family which is a blast! There is a special place in my heart for Idaho Falls and I love that it feels like home. Though right now we feel equally at home in La Grande, Boise, and Idaho Falls which is triple wonderful.

And next, most important and most cuddly, the new edition to our home: Kingsley Shacklebolt. You can call him Kingsley. After a year of marriage, we were aching for something cuddly to snuggle and squeeze (not too hard because he's teensy) and our new exotic shorthair kitten did the trick. We would be lying if we didn't admit that we first got the idea from Cee Lo Green's exotic cat on The Voice, but that guy has come to inspire us in more ways than one, so it's no surprise.

No, Kingsley will not be referred to on this blog or elsewhere as our "fur baby." Though we were surprised enough as it is that we could fall in love with a cat in the first place, so you never know. Plus this is an extraordinary cat, and we are honored to have him. So who knows, you may just see us in a few months sporting this look:

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. It's been a blast to see the personality bursting out of this tiny, grumpy looking, exotic kitten. 


  1. I love your blog Molly. And I love that you have a kitty to love on now. Where did you get him???!

    1. Ahh Sarah, thank you!! We love our kitty so much, it's ridiculous. We found a breeder in Rupert, Idaho of all places! Which was right on our way home for Christmas... meant to be.