Thursday, February 6, 2014


I just registered for my last term of classes. One is a weekend college (which only meets for one weekend of the term if that term is confusing); one only meets once a week; one is Acting I, which I am over the moon about (I really am if anyone took that sarcastically); and one is a US History class from 1865 with one of the best professors at Eastern, which I am taking with Jeff, so that is obviously a win! Anyway, it's gonna be really cool. I'm more than ready to be finished with school; it's been a bumpy journey for me for sure. And it is for everyone in their own way I know. We also got letters in the mail about ordering caps and gowns. Milestones, people! The next four months is going to be full of academic ones.

The thing about almost being done with school, is that even though I get annoyed with it sometimes, and I know the stress has made me in need of a shoulder rub for the past four years, it's still structure and it's still a plan. I know what my weeks will be filled with, and I know that any chance to feel "bored' is extremely glorious. But you know, I'm ready for a new pace. Even though it's easier said than done, I can always go back to school and pursue higher education, which I probably will. I just look forward to not revolving my life around school schedules and college kids anymore. I look forward to becoming a better wife-- cooking dinner more often, being there for Jeff instead of always leaning on him, which he is ever stable for. Even though I'm incredibly grateful for my time as a student! It may feel long now, but I graduated high school nearly 5 years ago, and I remember that feeling like it would last forever at the time. And then bam, you're posting #throwbackthursday pictures of graduation.

What's the point of this post? Well, I've been gone from this space for too long. It needs some life, and I look forward to coming back to it in the coming months.

Until next time.

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  1. Hey, glad to see you are back :) You are totally right about school and having weekly structure. I'm still trying to figure my days out without it.