Sunday, May 11, 2014

Utah and Motherhood

I'm lying in bed on a cool night in this mountainous small town I will only occupy for another two months or so. 

This time in our lives is unique-- as I'm sure all times will be. We are not the ones sitting on the front porch of our houses watching young people come and go in an effort to make a life-- we are the ones coming and going right now. Hoping that we are making the right decisions by following that feeling in our hearts telling us to go to Utah without securing a job first. Sometimes when I'm in mid-explaination babbling to someone about all the reasons we "feel" like going to Utah is the right thing I just want to stop myself. All too often I blab when just a simple answer will do. I don't owe anyone an explanation and I owe it to myself to be content and know that even if this isn't as successful as we hope, it's still what we are supposed to do right now and it's really as simple as that. 

Yes, we are bringing a baby into the mix. But my goodness we will love her and give her everything she needs and more no matter what. The love I have for her is expanding and I have the feeling that I really have no idea what I'm in for-- and by that I mean the amount of love and joy that will come from being a parent. 

Today is Mother's Day and all over the web people have been sharing tributes to their mothers and the incredible women they are. I hope I can live up to what I see in my mother and what many of these people posting see in theirs. It is an overwhelming responsibility but even more so a privilege that I feel so grateful to have. 

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