Thursday, January 31, 2013

pizza for breakfast.

Today I made hot cereal (steel cut and 5-grain oats mixed. the bomb!) for breakfast. We have it everyday after juice. We (meaning me) are a liiiittle into routine around here. I put in more salt than usual, because usually there's not enough. (that's what the extra sweetness is for!) I was so excited to eat. I got up at 5 to study, Jiles was about to go snowboarding. We took bites and pretty much spit them out simultaneously. TOO MUCH SALT! It was gross; oops! So Jiles had left over pizza for breakfast.... He was already snowboarding that day, and pizza for breakfast?! I don't think I've SEEN a happier guy.

We received three Papa Murphey's giftcards for Christmas. Do you know how awesome that is? Those days when you're driving home from school a little too late and you don't know how you can possibly think of something to eat, or how your low blood sugar will hold off until you get a bite of food in your mouth. But then, OH!, all I have to do is call in my order and preheat the oven. And I don't have to pay for it. Yessss! And yesterday it was much needed. After a long day, I spent nearly an hour in the computer lab figuring out how to scan some pages of my book into the computer and flip the pages the right way to print double sided. While we're talking about routine here... this girl needs to get with the times and learn a few tricks of the trade, because I rely on Jiles for everything technology related and it must  be getting exhausting for him.

But you know, sometimes in life you just need pizza for breakfast. Substitute your pizza for cinnamon rolls if you'd rather, or substitute the breakfast part for a night out for dinner or dessert. Sometimes the little things just mean the world; like eating pizza with your love and knowing that life is good my friends. 

Or you could substitute pizza for McDonalds! 
In honor of #throwbackthursday on Instagram {@magnoliawrites follow me!}
I found a picture with my oldest friends! I didn't think I was going to allow
my future littles to eat at McDonalds, but this may be changing my mind...
I mean it's where dreams are made! ;)


  1. I love TBT! Great picture!

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    And that picture is adorable(:

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  4. I love that photo, so cute! I loved McD as a child but it was considered a massive treat (although I think those treats may have coincided with them my mum couldn't be bothered to cook) xo

  5. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN FREE FOOD. And that is the truth!