Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

It may be evident by now that Sunday is my favorite day. And something that makes it that much more glorious on this particular Sunday is that there is no school or work tomorrow! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, and for much more than just a holiday.

As I type, I have kitten scratches ALL over my hands. I am trying to avoid them, but he scratches when he is playing and well, we've been having fun. Jiles (husband) is away in the mountains this weekend on a filming extravaganza. Since he was gone I let Kingsley sleep in our bed and well, it turns out King really likes to play with my hair. So we did much more of that all night instead of sleeping. I know J is having a blast; he's been looking forward to this. But I am ecstatic that he's coming home. I think I used that word on my last post about Sunday... hmm... I'll work on that.

But the real reason I sit down to type this tonight is to reflect on how good it feels to be content with where I am right now. It is so exciting to think about what is ahead; in fact, I was searching for houses to rent in Portland and I found the cutest little bungalow and it is all I can do not to think about it all the time! But yet I know that it is not our time right now, and it makes me happy to know that and to trust that. And there is something about making where you are right now a comfortable blanket to feel safe and warm under. Everything Jiles and I are doing now is preparing us for the future, but this, now, is especially the good stuff.

My younger (certainly not little) brother is a high school senior and I can't believe how much more grace and class he is getting through high school with than me. If he is antsy about graduating and going to college, then he is doing a good job hiding it. I know he is incredibly excited, but from where I'm watching he seems to be enjoying where he is in life right now so much and I look up to that a great deal. When I was in his position four years ago, there were moments when I enjoyed myself, because I just KNEW life would get better when I moved out and went to college and I think that is what attributed to my tripping and falling when that time came.

So if you need me, I'll be contemplating the short story I'm currently working on, sipping way too much hot chocolate, and waiting for J to come home so we can cuddle and watch Modern Family.


  1. Aw, cute little kitty. :)


  2. Sunday is my favorite day. Such a cute kitty! I use to have one when I was younger.


  3. such a sweet kitten :) and lovely blog!