Monday, November 26, 2012

a thirst for all things good.

I wrote this post awhile back, but after a recent conversation with a friend I decided to publish it
Since I have gotten married, I have discovered a whole new world of blogging. I am always intrigued at how each one of these blogs makes me feel. Some blogs make me feel like throwing away every piece of clothing in my closet and spend approximately 7.5 hours primping every day. Some blogs make me laugh, and some make me cry, when the author is only a stranger to me.

I started this little space to share my thoughts and hopefully write something worth reading. Of course, I don't always achieve that, but I'm constantly trying. Why? Because I believe that I am surrounded by so much good and I am thirsty for it. There is something about reading well written content that makes me feel genuinely uplifted. I believe there is a way to be beautiful, smart, and talented without making others feel threatened by you. But even further than that, I would love to find a good space on the internet to read where I never saw a picture of his/her face, or an outfit post, or even knew what they were eating, or where they lived. Yet we do this, because it somehow gives validity to who we are; it defines us insofar as we believe, and I beg to differ. In the blogging world, pictures and designs are aesthetically pleasing to our eyes. When I enter a website, I immediately look for pretty pictures, "About Me" tabs, and I let those things define who that person is as a writer and yet I do not agree with that.

However, so many people are using blogs and various websites to find what is beautiful and right with the world, and I love that. It is no wonder a site like Pinterest was created in this economy: because a lot of people are financially suffering. What a better way than to put a whole ton of ways to save money in one place, where we can refer back to them? Reusing is in style right now, and I think it is so neat. Why didn't we think of this forever ago? I want to get a sewing machine so I can try and sew scarves, which are sometimes retail priced at $30. I want to learn to take J's old shirts and turn them into something for me. I want to turn old dresses that are too short into longer skirts. I want to take old, out of style, wood furniture and spice it up a little, rather than throw it out.

There is totally a way to live with less money. I feel that my family, especially, has been greatly humbled by having to think about every single purchase, and plan where every single dollar goes. I hope that no matter my income, I will always keep the mindset of planning where my dollars go, and figuring out how we can reuse or simply do without.

So here is my pledge to you, as readers. I want to write something I believe is worth reading. I hope you will join me as I strive to find what is good and right with the world.

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