Friday, November 30, 2012

the future is bright.

when i can see the path ahead i often want to run. this is true in many cases.

this is part of the pathway we use to walk to and from campus. i can see campus from our place and i often want to run there. i love to walk fast, and sometimes it turns into this awkward walk-run: complete with back pack and sometimes large coat.

when i went to byu-i this girl saw me in class one winter day and said, "you're that girl with the green coat who i always see running on campus!" then she proceeded to tell me how goofy i looked in a big coat with my arms sticking straight out.

so it looks ridiculous. does that stop me? no. i'm just excited to get where i'm going. and not because i'm late, but because i like to get there.

this is also true for me in life. maybe it has something to do with older siblings, maybe not, but i have always been in such a hurry to get to the next stage of life. i can't wait for high school. i can't wait for my driver's license. i can't wait until i can date. i can't wait until graduation. i can't wait until college. i can't want until i meet the love of my life. i can't wait until i get married. it has often caused me to look back and wish i would have slowed down and taken things for what they were.

 i look back and feel overwhelmingly grateful for the road i have traveled thus far, and am in complete awe at the way the Lord has shown me he truly knows me and is invested in my plan.

i know the future is bright, and sometimes that makes me want to run.

i bet you can't guess the things i'm trying to run towards now.
but don't worry, i am reminded every single day to slow down.

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