Sunday, November 4, 2012

la-la-la-la-life goes on

Looking forward to a new week feels good. Last week I was holding onto yesterdays, and now I anticipate, with excitement, what is to come. Like: bring it on. I own you. And then I stumble and fall, and freak out, and that's okay. That's gonna happen sometimes.

It's Friday night, 7 pm, and I realize I need to print out some things before my all day Grant Writing class that I have to venture to the unknown territory of Hermiston, OR,  for, and catch a ride with strangers at 6:30 a.m. Naturally, our printer is out of ink. So, I talk Jeff into coming to campus with me, and we run to building after building, all to find out that each one closes at 5 p.m. on Friday nights (and 11 p.m. Sun-Thurs, whaaat?!). But I guess, really, who wants to do homework on a Friday night except for the procrastinator, and the procrastinator always pays, duh! So as I am pulling my hair out and loathing over my unpreparedness, Jeff has the idea of popping over to our friends' house, and they're not home. So, we drive to Bi-Mart in hopes to pick some up: it's closed. Finally, the unfailing, and last resort, Walmart. We scrounge up the change to buy some printer ink, and huzzah! I am ready to go. But then I dream all night. In each dream I am running from store to store, desperately in need of a restroom, and in each public restroom there is a busy computer lab with several large printers. In between each dream I wake up in a panic, check the time, and go back to sleep.

I have such vivid dreams when I am really nervous about something. When I started as a cashier at Target, I had horrible dreams about it. In many of them, I would tell the customers that I am talking on my cell phone and not to bug me. In other dreams, I would have a conveyor belt with a never ending amount of items. When I started my Shakespeare class last spring, I was so intimidated, and had dreams for two weeks straight about literature.

Does that happen to you?

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  1. It happens to me. I have been having dreams about the election this week. Mitt Romney and President Obama have both been begging me to vote for them and following me all over the place. I also had (and still have) horrible dreams about basketball games. I'm never able to catch the ball. In high school it was really dreams about basketball but now, anytime I'm nervous about something I have the basketball dream that I can't catch the ball or hold onto it once I've got it. So strange.