Sunday, November 25, 2012

I notice.

I notice the difference when I wake up early and my head is clear and I am more alert throughout the day.

I notice that I am rewarded when I go to church an hour earlier for ward choir. The spirit of music is in my heart and life is a little sweeter.

I notice when I write in my journal, and strive to ponder on the positive things in my life, and what I could due to work on.

I notice when I kneel down on my knees and pray just a little longer, not worrying about what time it is or how long I'll be there.

I notice when I read my scripture with a purpose. When I have a red pencil in hand I am more likely to learn and receive the revelation and added testimony I need for that day.

I notice when I make the conscious choice to turn down unhealthy foods and eat whole, fresh foods. My body feels stronger and less sluggish.

Most of all, I notice when I don't do these things. It's so easy to get caught up and think I don't need all these little things; then I start crashing and burning and can't figure out why.

Sometimes, I know, that life gets monotonous. Why do these things that other people tell us? I know that I can't deny that it makes a difference. When I feel happy and strong, I swear, nothing can stop me.

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